HDN-USDT and HDN-ETH pairs will start trading on IXX.com exchange at 15:00 UTC+8 15 May 2019

Haladinar partners with IXX Fintech Pte Ltd, a Singapore based company cryptocurrency exchange.

10 May 2019, Singapore. Haladinar will list 2 trading pairs, HDN-USDT and HDN-ETH on IXX.com fromat 15:00 UTC+8 15 May 2019. All HDN token holders can start to register an account with ixx.com. Upon successful KYC, ixx.com will give out nominal free BTC as part of your KYC effort. IXX will also introduce free HDN tokens airdrop to welcome new HDN traders.

Please refer to the link to read more about IXX. Company Profile. Please signup at ixx.com website. You can also download ixx mobile app to your mobile device. Please read the exchange terms and conditions before you start trading.

Trading in cryptocurrency involves risks. Trading generally is not appropriate for someone with limited resources and limited investment or trading experience and low risk tolerance.