HDN mobile Point of Sale

Decentralized application for Halal Sellers

1 December 2018, Singapore. Haladinar has launched its mobile Point of Sale on Android devices as a business productivity tool to any retailers. It is capable of accepting local currency from different countries. It also accepts Haladinar HDN tokens or a combination of local currency and HDN tokens. This gives merchants and consumers a choice and flexibility on the type of payment for goods and services.

The development of the Haladinar mPOS uses an advanced peer-to-peer distributed file system, InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) that seeks to connect all the mobile devices with the same system of files. IPFS creates a new decentralized web infrastructure upon which Haladinar mPOS is built. In addition, HDN token wallet is fully integrated to the Haladinar mPOS to provide a seamless environment that makes it simple to use for merchants and consumers.

Haladinar mPOS and HDN wallet are now available for download at Google Play or our website DOWNLOAD section.