Haladinar updates

Haladinar CEO, Mohamed Redhza provides latest updates on current project

22 May 2019, Singapore.

Dear HDN members,

I hope this email finds all of us in good health and happiness.

Team Haladinar has been working diligently towards fulfilling our roadmap as set out in our whitepaper. Please visit https://haladinar.io/hdn/news.html regularly to keep abreast of latest developments.

Team Haladinar will continue to develop and grow a Halal-based ecosystem where our HDN tokens are utilised widely across as many countries as possible.

Towards this end, we have developed a HDN Marketplace haladinar.com where HDN token holders can shop online for great deals while making part-payment using HDN tokens. At this point in time, we have 2,460 registered customers on haladinar.com. This number is expected to grow drastically when we venture forth into Malaysia and Indonesia; our next destination marketplaces. There are more than 2,700 products on offer. The number of products and participating merchants are expected to grow rapidly.

What can you do to contribute to a vibrant and exciting HDN halal ecosystem? Well, you can start by signing up on Haladinar.com and doing your groceries shopping there. At Haladinar.com your HDN tokens are accepted at USD 0.20 a piece. You will be surprised that prices at Haladinar.com are generally cheaper than your neighbourhood supermarkets. Once you are satisfied, inform your friends and family about this new “lobang” for cheap groceries. If you want to receive notifications about great deals on Haladinar.com send a WhatsApp message to Sheikh Haladinar @ 81830723.

If you are into trading, then trade on IXX.com where HDN is paired with ETH and USDT. HDN is still relatively new only having concluded our ICO in Nov 2018. Yet, Team Haladinar has consistently gone about our business of adding value to our HDN tokens. The road ahead will not be easy but with your help and participation Haladinar will find our rightful place in the inevitable digital payment world. Thank you.

Buy Halal. By Haladinar.com

Yours sincerely,

Mohamed Redhza Bin Abdul Rahim
HLD Technology Pte Ltd
UEN : 201921899N