QIEX Exchange

Haladinar partners with QIEX to list HDN token.

3 February 2019, Singapore. Haladinar is pleased to announce our partnership with QIEX to list HDN token with USDT-HDN and ETH-HDN pairs on QIEX Exchange on 7 February 2019 UTC 10 am.

QIEX is a digital asset trading platform operated by IEX Limited based in Hong Kong. The core members of the team come from the Internet security and finance sectors and provide globalized Internet financial services.

QIEX is committed to the technical development and service support of digital assets transactions, depository and exchange. As a specification developer in emerging fields, IEX has many commercial and individual users in a safe, efficient, and highly open core philosophy. Service teams throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and North America.

QIEX, as a new global digital asset trading platform, provides diversified digital asset trading and support services. QIEX not only provides quality digital asset trading services. The rigorous asset access mechanism conducts access audits on all digital assets that enter the platform for trading, and a professional consultant team conducts analysis and verification to ensure that each digital asset undergoes rigorous technical certification and industrial application assessment.

Please refer to QIEX website for more information.

Please check announcement at QIEX website

QIEX has its own HDN wallet. Deposit HDN tokens to your QIEX HDN wallet is available 3 days prior to start of trading USDT-HDN and ETH-HDN pairs with the exchange.

Trading in cryptocurrency involves risks. Trading generally is not appropriate for someone with limited resources and limited investment or trading experience and low risk tolerance.