Haladinar ICO

Haladinar completed ICO token sales

8 November 2018, Singapore. Haladinar has completed its Initial Coin Offering of HDN token sales on 8 Nov 2018. All participants and supporters of Haladinar ICO project will be issued with HDN tokens within the next few days to their wallet.

For those who wants to keep their HDN tokens for long term view and appreciation of its value, if you don't have an ERC20 wallet, we have Haladinar designed HDN wallet available on Google Playstore for you to download. Apple IOS version HDN wallet is currently under review. For those who are traders, we have separate announcement on marketing campaign with Digifinex exchange to follow. We are currently listed on Digifinex.com and CREX24.com exchanges.

We thank all those who believe in this Haladinar Halal Marketplace community project with their purchases of HDN tokens. Very special thanks and appreciation go to our special advisors, marketing agents, private individuals and social media influencers who brought the global community together to know more about the Haladinar vision and mission statement.

Please visit our new website HALADINAR for updated information about our technology progress in our roadmap and news we have.