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Decentralized Applications (dApps)

Name Description Version Download
HDN Wallet (launched Nov 2018) Decentralized HDN/BTC/ETH wallet
Safe, secure and private with your own private key on mobile. Haladinar HDN token, Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet in one.
Version 1.0.7
HDN mPOS (launched March 2019) Decentralized mobile Point of Sale
Ideal for businesses accepting local currency, HDN tokens or a combination of cash and HDN on mobile devices. This mPOS is a very powerful business tool for any retailers, sellers or merchants.
Version 1.0
Marketplace (launched May 2019) Haladinar Marketplace with HDN payment
Haladinar Marketplace with local currency and HDN token payment accepted by Merchants. An initial step with eCommerce platfom to kickstart HDN user adoption with an integrated HDN wallet.
Version 1.0
Decentralized Marketplace Haladinar Decentralized Marketplace
Haladinar Decentralized Marketplace with peer to peer transactions, censorship-resistant business, borderless and permissionless HDN payments.
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