Merchant Kickstart Programme

Steps to get your free HDN airdrop tokens.

  1. Download HDN wallet on Playstore or Appstore
  2. Download HDN mPOS Playstore. Appstore version is coming soon.
  3. Under HDN mPOS via Account Settings, insert by scanning Merchant QR Code from HDN Wallet. Select USD currency.
  4. Merchant QR Code is available on HDN Wallet via Menu. This is unique Merchant ID and Wallet Address.
  5. Under HDN mPOS via Edit Items, add an item, with item name "Claim free HDN", Price "$120", and SAVE
  6. Exit mPOS settings and go to select Item, press "Claim HDN" and add to shopping cart.
  7. Press CHECKOUT button and capture screenshot of QR Code of $120, 600 HDN to claim. Any other USD amount will be invalid.
  8. Send through WhatsApp message, this screenshot image to +6585348993. Without your QR code, we cannot airdrop free HDN.
  9. Only one HDN wallet address with one WhatsApp number is valid to receive free 600 HDN tokens
  10. We will airdrop free 600 HDN tokens into your HDN wallet within 30 days of your WhatsApp message received.

If you can claim your free HDN tokens with the above 10 steps, that means you can operate our simple and easy to use HDN wallet and mPOS to sell items. It's all free to use to help us build a Haladinar global ecosystem.